About Basileia

How we are

Basileia University (B.U.) is a platform to empower you to live your journey. This platform is built on three core foundations which are Spiritual Philosophy, Sosiocultural, and Business Economics. Each foundation is focused on discovering and renewing oneself through practical education, personal development and life management. These will ensure learning, and the enrichment of experience for all people.

The balance of these three core foundations is the key for oneself to live each moment, step by step, on this  great adventure of life. Thus, B.U. welcomes all of you to share, to teach, and to learn together as participants and contributors in each other’s journey.


At the origin, the word “university” comes from the Latin word “Universitas”, that can be interpreted as many people working as “one body” or a community with the purpose to be a guardian of reason, investigation, and philosophical openness. 

With that in mind, B.U. exists to create a safe and vibrant community where all people have an equal chance to access, share, and expand their pursuit of knowledge and experience.

Therefore, B.U. is not traditional schooling where people firstly gain their basic knowledge, but to encourage people to put their knowledge into practice through practical educationpersonal development, and life management.


Our vision is to support the individual and the community to reach their greatest potential so they can face their future with strength and accomplish their dreams. We do this by building a platform for people to express themselves and build their life with support from the community around them.

Through interaction, dialogue and debate, we learn about any topic and expand our perspectives.

The goal of this type of practical education is the discovery of oneself, to help us define our purpose, and to develop the courage to live it out. At the same time bringing unity, and creating an environment that is open-minded, welcoming and productive.


Every human being is equal no matter skin color, background, age, social status, or education level. Every human being is unique and has something of value to share with others.

In order to see this value that lives in everyone you must first begin to change your perspective of differences, from a negative thing to avoid, into a positive value to understand. The more differences we have, the more we have to learn and this gives us more peace and strength. This gives us the confidence to listen with respect, and removes the fear we have of sharing our own perspective.

When we share and interact, we learn more about ourselves and others and about life. This creates unity, respect, and peace. These are the necessary ingredients to help us grow into our purpose and make sense out of our lives.