Business Economics

All people have the same fundamental needs in life: food, clothe and shelter. Yet, many people feel constrained and overwhelmed by their circumstances in life, living paycheck to paycheck and have no room for anything else. As we face challenges in our journey, B.U. encourage everyone to face these challenges with discernment and wisdom. Through these, we have the opportunity to learn discipline and life management.

B.U. provide a platform for people to flourish by being authentic and hardworking in their pursuits and ethics. The core value such as loyalty, integrity, and transparency are the foundations of leadership.

Everyone is born to be a leader, including you.

Through our work, we learn to be committed, disciplined, creative and love which bring us to real freedom and great liberty.



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Basileia Development (BD) is in the business of developing, managing, and promoting companies. The goal of BD is to empower entrepreneurs to start and grow their company.

Focused on building a portal of interconnected services to help businesses in report generation that in turn will help in the decision-making process.

Southern California real estate buying & selling